The Abercorn Place floorplans are now available for viewing (and purchase) on Southern Living’s home plan website, but here’s a look:

Abercorn Place Lower Level Floorplan

Lower Level

Abercorn Place - Main Level

Main Level

Abercorn Place - Upper Level Floorplan

Upper Level

Abercorn Place - 4th floor

Roof Level


Looking at the floorplan for Abercorn Place, you won’t find a Reading Room.  However, we’ve found several spaces that invite you to curl up with a good book!

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Now that Abercorn Place is open for public tours, Historical Concepts‘ Colleen O’Keeffe, shares some of her favorite, space-saving features in the Idea House:

Built-In Drawers Under Stairs

As you enter the lower level from the garage, be sure to check out the built-in drawers that make use of the unoccupied space underneath the stair.  What a great place for out of season items.

Built-In File Cabinets Under Window Seat

From the stair hall you can take a look at the home office, conveniently located on one wall of the family flex space at the lower level.  This room would be a good place for kids to do homework or for the whole family to sit down and enjoy a movie.  The built-ins drawers in this room were designed to accommodate files, printers, and other office equipment, while concealing them when not in use.  They also double as a cushioned window seat where you can curl up and read a book.

Paneled Painting Conceals TV

Next, travel upstairs to the sitting room off of the kitchen.  The flat screen TV has been cleverly concealed behind a painting above the mantle.  The painting was cut into four pieces and folds open on special hinges.

Senoia Idea House Built-In Laundry Baskets

Finally, check out the built-in laundry cabinets in the master bathroom adjacent to the shower.  They pull straight out, and the canvas bags are removable so that you can easily carry them to the second floor laundry room.

15 Days Until the Grand Opening

Check out the new slideshow that Southern Living has added to their website for a preview of the Senoia Idea House floorplans:  Idea House Floorplan Slide Show.

Southern Living Idea House 2010 Floorplans

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